5 Rising Southeast Asian Fashion Brands to Watch


The Southeast Asian fashion scene is buzzing with creativity and innovation, and among the rising stars are these five brands making waves in the industry. From Singapore’s own The Analog Company, crafting functional yet whimsical bags, to Indonesia’s Sevieyanashoes offering cloud foam technology for unparalleled comfort, each brand brings something unique to the table. Dive into their stories, from Caramel Monster’s sustainability ethos to Wear Ramé’s celebration of Balinese craftsmanship, join us in discovering the next generation of fashion excellence.

1. The Analog Company

Starting the list off strong, The Analog Company is a homegrown Singaporean bag brand dedicated to creating functional pieces to complement your everyday life. From backpacks, and totes to mini sidekicks, they are designed with utility in mind. Each bag is fitted with thoughtful features such as a drink holder, a carabiner and an adjustable, detachable strap to allow the bag to be worn in multiple ways. However, by no means boring, these pieces are imbued with an element of whimsy, with the bags coming in pleasing-to-the-eye pastel colour blockings available in a myriad of colour ways. Accessories such as hand-made Bobbins, pins and iron-on patches can also be purchased separately, allowing you to customise your bag and express your individuality. All products are designed and produced in small batches, meaning that quality is never skimmed on. With The Analog Company, every product and feature is a manifestation of the consideration its owner has for the needs of the consumer. 

If you are interested in learning more about the company and its process, you can head over to their Instagram to get a sneak peek into their design and production process, featuring some adorable cats!

2. Sevieyanashoes

As the first and only Indonesian shoe brand to bless your soles with cloud foam technology, Sevieyananashoes combines comfort and chic that will carry you from day to night. Featuring effortless and trendy designs that range from ballet flats to office-chic heels, we are pretty     sure there is something for everyone. The brand’s story began when the owner realised that it was hard to find shoes her size, often having to pre-order specific sizes to meet her needs. This inspired her to start the brand, as she figured that many others must have had similar experiences and she could help make custom sizing more accessible. Now every pair of shoes sold on their website allows for the option of customisation, with sizes ranging from 34-44 EU. Their distinctive features have set them apart, garnering success across borders as evidenced by their collaboration with Singaporean brand The Tinsel Rack.

Find your perfect pair here.

3. shop at velvet

Described as an understatement of contemporary casual, shop at velvet is another company hailing from Indonesia that focuses on modern, functional and simple clothing for both men and women. Not to be confused with boring or basic, shop at velvet manages to stay true to their philosophy of simplicity while simultaneously evoking intrigue with its unique silhouettes, intricate patterns and experimental textures. On their website, you’ll be able to find elevated basics that adds subtle interest privy only to the keenest of eyes or explore pieces that push boundaries with elegance. To us, shop at velvet embodies fashion innovation, mixing creativity and classics that will stand the test of time. 

Shop here.

4. Caramel Monster

Sustainability is at the core of Caramel Monster, a Vietnamese fashion brand born from a love for style and eco-conscious living. They invite customers to revel in the joy of wearing garments with a positive impact, crafted from natural, organic, and recycled materials, produced from start to finish in Ho Chi Minh City. Their dedication to sustainability extends to every detail, from using bio-based packaging, cotton over polyester labels to repurposing leftover fabrics and promoting garment repairs. This commitment is complemented by their unique business model, unveiling limited edition collections weekly and producing more based on genuine demand to minimise waste and ensure exclusivity. Created for women by women, their apparel embraces the beauty of everyday life and vintage aesthetics, focusing on seasonless styles for everyday wear, year-round. The goal is to create cherished, well-worn pieces that withstand the test of time, from carefully chosen fabrics and designs to thoughtfully curated colour palettes.

To learn more about their sustainability efforts, head over to their website

5. Wear Ramé

Wear Ramé is a Balinese brand that prioritises craftsmanship and quality. Formed with a belief that fashion should be timeless, they strive to produce high-quality, stylish garments that will endure and become cherished items in your wardrobe. Each piece is infused with the energy and beauty of their island home, Bali, creating a truly elevated and exclusive wardrobe for the discerning individual. Their clothing is an indulgence, crafted with the finest fabrics and expertly tailored by local Balinese artisans who have honed their craft over many years, resulting in products that embody the utmost quality and craftsmanship. Materials are carefully sourced from both local and international suppliers, with a strong emphasis on quality and sustainability. Wear Ramé is a Balinese pride we cannot ignore. With a mission to support and showcase local craftsmanship, the brand is a testament to the exceptional quality that comes from Bali, Indonesia.

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